Econixx was founded to provide healthy living appliances including water purifier, water dispenser, air purifier and others helping to provide convenience, safety and cleanness to people every day over the world. We are striving to develop customer-oriented products in the healthy living appliances market, especially focusing on improving water and air related products which people can not live without.

We believe innovation in technology comes not only from customer’s confidence but also from encouragement by them in pursing high quality product and better services by listening to customer wants and needs. This is what we are pursuing and our responsibility to provide customers with improved healthy life with most advanced living appliances.

Now we are making efforts to expand our products lineup and introduce high performance product. As such, we are constantly developing and introducing new products that deliver improved capability, reliability, and quality. We, Econixx, will continuously endeavor to develop new innovative environment-friendly products for customers and to become a company that is responsible for best quality and service by utilizing all our efforts.

Your generous interests and support will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.